TDC Rewind – Week 2

The NFL is a week-to-week league. It’s a lesson that we’re reminded of each year. This one was a little sooner than others. In Week 1, we thought the Seahawks Continue reading

Five Undrafted Free Agents Most Likely to Make an Impact

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

Each year following the NFL Draft I like to take a look at some of the more notable undrafted free agents that signed following the draft, and then try and Continue reading

The Opening Kickoff – 04.02.14

Rob Carr / Getty Images

AFC East: As the saying goes, one man’s trash is often another man’s treasure. Or applied to the NFL, one team’s castoffs are another team’s contributors. That could be the Continue reading

The Opening Kickoff – 03.27.14


Misc.: We might as well lead with the worst. Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly looks to be in an uphill battle against cancer. While the Kelly family isn’t talking Continue reading