The Opening Kickoff – 03.13.14

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Like yesterday, here are some of the smaller NFL nuggets you may have missed during Day 2 of the NFL free agency period. NFC South: Arguably the person who improved Continue reading

The Week 5 Infirmary Report

Jim Prisching / Chicago Tribune

Another NFL week, another long list of player’s going down with serious injuries. Here’s a roundup of the key players who went down this week, and when you might see Continue reading

The Opening Kickoff – 10.08.13

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AFC North / NFC East: A pair of one-time starting quarterbacks turned second stringers appear headed for at least one more start this coming week.  Nick Foles is expected to get Continue reading

The Opening Kickoff – 12.27.12

Pro Bowl: Rosters for the 2013 Pro Bowl were announced by the NFL last night. Today we’ll be breaking down the rosters of both the AFC and NFC, and telling Continue reading