What is TDC?

Greetings and welcome to Third Down Conversion, or TDC as it’s commonly known as in these parts.  What is TDC all about?  Here are 5 things that you need to know:

1.  Over the past decade, the people have spoken and it’s unanimous that football is king.  Our mission is to provide you with news and commentary, unfiltered and unapologetic, to keep you informed on the greatest game in the world.

2.  TDC keeps its finger on the pulse so you don’t have to.  Each day we search coast to coast (and once a year to London) for the best news, rumors and insight to bring you in one forum.

3.  Just like you, we’re fanatics.  We have our own opinions and encourage you to share yours as well.  We like to pretend that we know what we’re talking about and aren’t afraid to say so.  Honestly, sports is the medium which leads to endless debates, without which, we would have no life.  Think of our commentary as an “airing of grievances” because we’ve got a lot of problems with some things, and you’re going to hear about it.

4.  We know a thing or two.  TDC is owned and operated by a lawyer and an engineer (somewhere there’s a bad joke in there).  While we agree that we’re not fit to announce the next Super Bowl, our opinions are educated and well-thought.

5.  We want you to keep us accountable.  Got a tip or want to share your thoughts?  E-mail us at thirddownconversion@gmail.com, check out our Facebook Page (Third Down Conversion) or follow us on Twitter (@3DownConversion).

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