Texas Tech’s Jakeem Grant Probably Made Some Extra Cash

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There’s fast. Then there’s off-the-charts fast. Jakeem Grant certainly appears to be the latter. About a week ago reports came in that Grant may have timed in the 4.10 range at the Texas Tech Pro Day, although the school actually listed Grant’s time as a “measly” 4.34 seconds.

The 4.34 seconds sounded more realistic. After all, 4.10 would be the fastest recorded 40 time in NFL scouting history, besting the potentially dubious reports of Bo Jackson’s 4.12 time from years gone by (though we have no doubt Jackson was very fast). Now comes proof that perhaps Grant really is the fastest time in recorded history.

A video has popped up showing Grant’s Pro Day run, overlaid with a timer. The finished product? A 4.12 40-yard dash. Watching the video is very convincing. The clock seems to start at Grant’s very first twitch, and appears to show him crossing the line at 4.12. Is it truly 4.12? Is there a calibration issue with the clock/video? Is there a flinch that we didn’t see since the film is shot from 40+ yards away? Does Grant actually cross a bit later at the finish line, which is partially obscured by bodies? Perhaps to all those questions, and perhaps there’s another few hundredths to be added. Perhaps a tenth or more.¬†¬†Regardless, the video seems to show what we now all know for sure. Jakeem Grant is fast. Really, really fast.

Of course being fast is one thing. Usain Bolt is fast, but he’s not an NFL player for a reason (other than the fact he can make much more elsewhere with little risk to his body). Still, Grant’s numbers in the Texas Tech “Air Raid” system weren’t minuscule. For his career he topped 250 catches, 3000 yards, and totaled 27 scores.

Maybe in the end Grant doesn’t make it in the NFL due to his small frame (5’6″, 160 pounds). But plenty of players less 5’8″ or less have found NFL success, including another former Texas Tech receiver/returner: Wes Welker.

Grant won’t suddenly rocket up draft boards to become a high pick, and there’s still no guarantee he is drafted at all. But for teams who crave speed and see his highlight tape in the Big 12, there may be a spot for Grant on a roster soon enough.

Here is video of Grant’s 40-yard dash.

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