The Super Bowl and…Pokemon?

Getty Images

Getty Images

I’ll forgive you if the term/name/thought Pokemon hasn’t entered your mind in, oh, 15+ years (if ever). But the creators behind the franchise are going to make sure you and most of America are aware of the term again come this year’s Super Bowl.

That’s because according to AdWeek, Pokemon will be buying a spot in Super Bowl 50 as part of it’s 20th anniversary celebration. For those of you not familiar with Pokemon — and I can’t say I am that familiar myself — the franchise includes video games and trading cards in which owners train Pokemon creatures for battle.

So, there you have. Don’t worry, I’m sure those of you hoping for plenty of Bud Light and Doritos ads won’t be disappointed. But now you’re young children can also share in the joy of Super Bowl Sunday, where more people now tune in to watch commercials than the actual game.

Hey, who knows, maybe there will also be a Power Rangers ad (probably not), and if we’re lucky, an ad for Pogs too.

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