More Canadian Football Coming to ESPN

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We love our football in America, from high school games under the Friday night lights, to 100,000+ fans jammed into college stadiums on Saturday, to a dozen or so professional matchups each Sunday in the fall. Add in Thursday night NFL and college games, Tuesday night college games from smaller conferences, Arena Football League contests on 50-yard fields, and just about every day of the week now has live football of some sort. Not enough for you though? Well don’t fret, now American fans can get even more live football in their diets, courtesy of our friends north of the border and ESPN.

Awful Announcing reported this morning that the ESPN brand — specifically ESPN2, ESPNews, and ESPN3, will be airing 89 CFL games this next season. Most of the games will be on ESPN3, the company’s streaming platform, but 20 games will also be on the combination of ESPN2 and ESPNews.

While those “crazy Canadians” may not play football quite the same way that we do here in the states, there’s still plenty of entertainment and excitement that can be had watching a CFL game.

It’s also worth noting that numerous CFL players have ultimately made the jump to NFL stardom, so you could be catching a glimpse of a future NFL All Pro player. Previous names who have transitioned to the NFL from the CFL include guys like Warren Moon, Rocket Ismail, liquored-up kicker Mike Vanderjagt,¬†Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie, and current NFL standouts Brandon Browner and Cameron Wake.

Of course, there’s also the list of players that went from the NFL to the CFL, usually under less-than-ideal circumstances. Those names include Ricky Williams, Andre Rison, Lawrence Phillips, and Chad Johnson.

Though the CFL may not ultimately compare to the NFL in terms of talent, there’s still plenty of reason to tune in every now and then and catch some football that you normally wouldn’t be able to see on television. Not a bad deal, eh?

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