Patriots Parade Highlights (or Lowlights)



If you’re a Patriots fan, you’re loving today, as the Patriots roll through the streets of Boston to celebrate their latest Super Bowl win. If you’re a Seahawks fan, or just hate the Patriots (and Bill Belichick) in general, then you’re probably already tired of today’s Patriots attention. Nonetheless, here are some of the highlights (or lowlights depending on your perspective) of today’s Patriots victory parade.

It’s a Patriots party, so obviously Rob Grownkowski gets top billing today. So far he’s had himself a good time, as the picture above indicates. If anything though, Gronk is probably less amped up than you would expect from a 25 year-old on top of the world. USA Today has a full gallery of just Gronk’s antics so far today. Here’s to guessing Gronk won’t be getting a ticket for public consumption of alcohol.

Julian Edelman made news earlier today in a way he probably would rather not have, but he clearly had no problem reminding Richard Sherman just how good Tom Brady is.

Brandon Bolden may be just the third string running back in New England, but he’s probably public enemy number one amongst Marshawn Lynch supporters today. Bolden somehow came into possession of a t-shirt that simply said “Bitch Mode,” a not-so-subtle jab at Lynch’s “Beast Mode” persona.

Vince Wilfork apparently decided to dress as if he were recreating WWE’s Mabel.

Unlike his cohorts, Tom Brady has taken a more subtle, family-friendly approach to his parade appearance.

Bill Belichick reportedly smiled at the parade today, though even the photographic evidence is dark and somewhat grainy. Of course, seeing a Belichick smile is essentially the same as capturing Bigfoot on camera, so that makes sense.

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