TDC’s Super Bowl 49 Predictions

SB49The time has come. We both had the Patriots in the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season. I had them winning it all. Jamie had the Eagles taking them down.

We’ve had two weeks to dissect the matchup. Will we roll with New England to capture their fourth Super Bowl? Or do we think the Seahawks will repeat? Find out below and tweet us your predictions @3DownConversion.

SUPER BOWL XLIX – Patriots (14-4) vs. Seahawks (14-4)

Alex: I think this is going to be one of the best Super Bowls we’ve seen in a long time. There’s no way Seattle plays as bad as they did in the NFC Championship Game. However, I think the New England defense has success stopping Russell Wilson as a runner. On the other side, Seattle puts pressure on the QB unlike any other team. That has been the key to stopping Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. In the end, Wilson comes up with some late game magic and bests Brady for his second straight Super Bowl. Seahawks 23, Patriots 20

Jamie: This is a game where my head says one thing, and my heart another. My head clearly says that you don’t bet against the Seahawks and their defense. My heart says that Brady and Belichick are the best QB/coach combination ever potentially, and watching them win would be historic. In battles like this, my heart always wins, because deep down inside we’re all just fans at the end. So even if I prove to be incorrect, I’ll live with that. Patriots 24, Seahawks 23

MVP Prediction

Alex: Wilson pulls out some late game heroics and captures the MVP.

Jamie: Unlike a few years ago, Rob Gronkowski is fully healthy heading into the Super Bowl. As such, I think we’re going to see the best Gronk yet. Obviously picking a pass-catcher to be MVP is often a losing proposition, because quarterbacks get the glory for delivering the ball to receivers, but Gronk is a special talent who I expect to lower the boom on the Legion of Boom.

Player to watch when New England has the ball

Alex: Byron Maxwell. The Seattle corner hasn’t allowed a touchdown since Week 5. He’s the ying to Richard Sherman’s yang.

Jamie: You ever just have a feeling about a guy? Someone who seems to find themselves in the right place through nothing but their own determination? That’s the feeling I always get when I watch Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich. Nink always seems to find himself around the ball, or making a key tackle/sack. He’s the ultimate Bill Belichick player, and I just have a feeling we’re going to see some plays out of him in this game.

Player to watch when Seattle has the ball

Alex: Pats linebacker Jamie Collins. He’s not only their best pass rushing linebacker, he’s also terrific in coverage. He will be everywhere.

Jamie: This may be a cop out, but it’s true…when Seattle has the ball, you watch Marshawn Lynch, plain and simple. Even though I would take Russell Wilson over any other quarterback to start a team, it’s Lynch that drives this offenses and wears down defenses, both physically and mentally. If Lynch gets to 100 yards, the Seahawks win.

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