Robin Williams: Broncos 1st Male Cheerleader

John Sunderland / The Denver Post

John Sunderland / The Denver Post

Before I was even born, Robin Williams was entertaining the masses. Not just patrons in dimly lit stand-up clubs or on television sets featuring Mork & Mindy, but also on the football field.

Nearly 35 years ago Robin — playing the alien Mork — dazzled Denver Broncos faithful as the team’s first male cheerleader.

That Williams would pull such an act isn’t surprising at all. In fact, if Williams hadn’t pulled such an act, it would have been surprising.

As my TDC parter noted this morning in our conversations, the reason Williams’ death feels like a punch in the gut to America isn’t just that he was such an outwardly funny person, it’s that he reached everyone.

Williams connected with Baby Boomers and grandparents on the aforementioned Mork & Mindy. He reached another generation with movies such as Good Morning, Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting, and continued to entertain all children as The Genie and Peter Pan in Disney favorites. Young, middle-aged, or older, everyone was entertained by Williams…even gorillas. He will be missed.

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