Monday Night Football: Jon Gruden & Jay Gruden

So by now you’re surely aware that Jay Gruden has been named the new head coach of the Washington Redskins. If that surprises you, you’re probably not alone. But clearly the Redskins think Gruden is the guy to help return Robert Griffin III back to prominence, even if Andy Dalton failed to make that transition in the postseason under Gruden.

Of course we’ll have plenty of time to talk about Gruden and Griffin over the next eight months leading into the 2014 season. But what about Jay’s older brother Jon? How will this impact his work with ESPN? According to an ESPN spokesperson, it won’t.

ESPN’s statement regarding the possibility of Jon Gruden, who works the company’s Monday Night Football games, was straight and to the point. Said the spokesperson, “If we have the Redskins, he will call the games. We will be transparent about their relationship. Jon is a professional and will call the games objectively.”

Frankly that’s all there is to say. In some ways Jon might even be harder on Jay’s Redskins than he is on many other teams. In fact many of already accused Gruden of being “too positive” in regards to every team, since he may one day decide he wants to work for one of those teams again (although we at TDC have discussed the fact that we’re not convinced Gruden will ever return to the sideline at this point). Nonetheless, if the Redskins get a Monday Night Football game on 2014, it will be Gruden who finds himself in the spotlight, and we’re not talking about Jay.

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