The Opening Kickoff – 08.23.13

Steve Dykes / Getty Images

Steve Dykes / Getty Images

NFC East: One big name NFL star came off the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list earlier this week when Texans running back Arian Foster was finally activated. Today (or soon) it could be another’s turn. According to head coach Tom Coughlin, Jason Pierre-Paul is extremely close to being activated. The Giants need JPP if they’re going to be a force this year. The thing that has set them apart during their Super Bowl runs was the team’s ability to pressure the quarterback at opportune moments. JPP provides that impact when healthy.

NFC South: I know this will come as a shock, but Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart is still injured. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Panthers remain hopeful that “The Daily Show” will be ready by the regular season opener, but it’s looking unlikely. Stewart’s fantasy relevance was already dwindling, and this could put him off most draft boards entirely. In theory you can move DeAngelo Williams up a few notches, but perhaps the biggest beneficiaries will be Mike Tolbert and Cam Newton, both of whom figure to get first crack in goal-to-go situations.

NFC South (Part 2): Just ask former Saints (and briefly Browns) guard/center LeCharles Bentley — staph infections can be career enders. That’s why it’s not good news to hear that Buccaneers kicker Lawrence Tynes and guard Carl Nicks are currently dealing with MRSA. Fan or not, let’s all hope both men get healthy soon.

NFC West: Just days after being released by the Saints, quarterback Seneca Wallace has found work on the west coast, as the 49ers signed the veteran. Wallace’s athletic abilities probably played a role in the decision, as he could easily run many of the plays Colin Kaepernick currently does (though likely with far less success). Wallace could also be a guy the team hopes to use to mimic other mobile quarterbacks in practice, as they prepare for the likes of Russell Wilson (twice), Jake Locker, Cam Newton, and Robert Griffin III this year.

NFC West (Part 2): And as I always like to do, here’s your miscellaneous story of the morning, by way of Arizona. A man and his son were kicked out of last week’s Arizona Cardinals preseason game when the father asked his 15 year old son to briefly hold his beer so he could take a picture. Stadium police initially planned to arrest the man, but ultimately settled for escorting him from the event. A statement from the police department noted that “Providing alcohol to an underage person or an underage person in possession of alcohol is a Class 1 misdemeanor. The consequences could be up to, and this is a maximum, of two years in jail, $2,500 fine and three years probation.”

Look, I’m all for protecting our youth, but are you kidding me? Escorting him from the stadium? Threatening to arrest him? Is this the best police have to do? Heck, at this rate I would advise any owners training their dogs to bring them a cold one to stop immediately, before animal control comes with a noose to take away your dog.

Of course lost in this entire situation is the biggest question of all. Why are people attending Cardinals games, let alone preseason ones?

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