Adrian Peterson’s Dad Comments on Son’s Arrest

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Adrian Peterson said recently that the “truth will surface” in regards to the actions surrounding his weekend arrest. I initially took that to mean he was waiting on his legal counsel to comment, and/or for the survalliance video to pop up on TMZ. But apparently Peterson must have meant the truth will surface by way of his dad.

Peterson’s dad, Nelson, told the Pioneer Press that the off-duty officer who confronted Peterson was disrespectful and used vulgar language. According to Peterson’s dad, his son also did not push or shove the officer as claimed, noting that such an incident would have been grounds for assault, for which the Vikings running back was not charged.

It’s no surprise that Nelson Peterson would come to his son’s defense, but as he himself acknowledges, he wasn’t present at the time of the incident. Nothing anyone can say at this point is really relevant. Until this incident goes to trial, or until the survalliance video from the night club surfaces, it is simply a he said, she said incident. In fact the club’s manager noted that Peterson looked “really scary” while confronting police, and was drunk.

Among other news though, Nelson Peterson did confirm that his son has hired Texas lawyer Rusty Hardin — the same Hardin who recently managed to get Roger Clemens acquitted on perjury charges brought by the government. Nelson himself served ten years in prison while his son was growing up, and said the younger Peterson understands the impact that his actions can have on his kids.

Despite your wishes I’m sure, I’m going to beat a dead horse once again. Bad things happen in the early morning hours. If Peterson wants to have an impact on his kids, I’d suggest he be home at night for them, rather than out and about on the town. But again, that’s just one man’s take. Peterson certainly has the right to live his life as he pleases. However, he must understand that even if he is found to be innocent of his crimes, this type of situation could have been easily avoided by simply using some common sense. While not a major crime, even the dropping of charges still does nothing to help Peterson’s reputation.

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